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Ordering Process

1. Contact us

Scan or take a picture of your document.
Use the quotation form to contact Samurai Translators and get a quotation if needed. Inquiry form >
Fill out the online application form and send it to us. Application form >

2. Payment

We require payment upfront. Payment can be made by bank transfer to our bank account, with a Japanese issued credit card (VISA, Master) or by PayPal.
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For those who require our notarization service
After placing your order, please send us the originals of the documents you need notarized by post to the address below.

To: Samurai Translators K.K.
4-8-30 Nishijin, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka City,
Fukuoka (814-0002)
Tel 092-985-3466
*To avoid loss of your originals send your documents in an envelope with a tracking number on it.

3. Customer check

As soon as we have completed a draft of your translation, we will send it to you by e-mail in PDF format at which time you should check for any errors in the details entered which only you will be able to detect (such as the spellings of names, etc.). Contact us once you have confirmed the draft. We will send you the finished translation by post or e-mail according to what is specified in your order.
Delivery >

If you have requested for your translation to be notarized:
Once you have contacted us giving us the go-ahead, we will attach a Certificate of Translation, notarize the documents and make arrangements to send the documents to you by post.


  • If you encounter any problems in entering the above forms, please contact us via email. info@translators.jp
  • In filling out the application form, please take care to enter names in kanji with their corresponding readings, especially for names to be entered into the Family Registers. This applies not only to the name of the applicant but also to names of the head of family, spouse, parents, and depending on the case, grandparents and any others recorded in the Family Register. Even though the reading of your name may be obvious to you it might not be read correctly by others unfamiliar with the reading. For example Ms. 裕子 may think the reading of her name apparent as “Hiroko” however, others not acquainted with her may read her name as “Yuko”.
  • In addition, it is often the case that Visa Applications etc., are sent together with the Passport for inspection, therefore our company as a rule displays full names using the Hepburn System of Romanization which is the same system used for names displayed in passports. However, depending on the name there may be several spelling possibilities (expressing long vowels etc. for example こうた may be written in the passport as “Kota” or as “Kohta”) therefore those who would like to specially request their names to be spelt as in their passports should please notify us in advance.
  • Those who wish to apply for notarization; the original of the Family Register etc. must be submitted to the Consulate and therefore it is necessary to send us the original register by mail. After placing your order please send the necessary documents to Samurai Translators as soon as possible. We recommend you to use special delivery.
  • Once the translation is being processed by our translators we will charge you for the translation. If a cancellation of the translation is made after this you will still be charged the translation fee.
  • Orders for standard delivery will be delivered by 3:00p.m. the next business day or as soon as we receive confirmation from your side.
  • Orders for express delivery will be delivered promptly by the delivery date requested.
  • If you have requested for your translation to be notarized, we will issue the document required to obtain notarization as soon as we receive confirmation from your side. Please check the spelling of your name and other details in the attached PDF document and send it back to us. Once you have confirmed that the same are correct, we will issue the document to the notary public office or other institution and have your translation notarized and deliver the notarized translation to you as soon as the process has been completed.

Confidentiality of Information

We know confidentiality is of the utmost important when it comes to documents containing personal information. We always comply with laws and regulations pertaining to confidentiality including the Personal Information Protection Act and the Data Protection Act. At Samurai Translators, our in-house translators translate and proofread documents received from clients within our office walls. We do not rely on outsourced translators to handle your work and all our translators have signed a confidentiality agreement with the company prohibiting them from disclosing any confidential information obtained in the course of their work.