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Legal and Judicial Documents

Legal and judicial translations require absolute precision, detailed knowledge and years of experience. Legal documents tend to be long and hard to understand. Each legal word has its own meaning and connotation which sometimes cannot be substituted with any other word. Mistranslation of contracts and other legal documents can not only cause confusion between the parties concerned but may also result in huge economic losses.

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Samurai Translators guarantees perfect translations of legal documents including contracts, verdicts, settlement documents, etc. because we only entrust your translation to translators well-versed in legal and judicial matters and in correct legal wording in both English and Japanese. The draft translation is proofread by our in-house translators with many years’ experience in legal documents and depending on the time and budget allocated we can further forward them onto other legal specialists who will correct any unnaturally sounding parts of the text. We never compromise readability and accuracy of the wording used in our translations and our translations follow the wording used in applicable laws.

All our legal and judicial translations come with a Certificate of Translation in the language of the location the documents are to be submitted certifying the accuracy and faithfulness of the translation.

Samurai Translators provides expert and professional legal and judicial translations

Our strengths lie in our:

Our in-house translators are well versed in civil law, company law and various other laws and have access to all our resources built up over our years in the translation business which allows them to work swiftly through your translation. Unlike some other translation companies which need to outsource translations of legal documents to outside translators, we are able to efficiently carry out your translations within the company and thus exceed them in mobility and speed.
At Samurai translators, the first draft of our manuscripts are translated and proofread by translators with years of experience and a wealth of knowledge in the law for a clear, accurate, precise and consistent translation. After the first draft has been proof-read by our in-house translation team, depending on the delivery period and budget allocated, we may also forward them onto outside specialists contracted by us to perform a final proofread of the document to confirm technical terms according to your wishes. We also build glossaries specific to each client using advanced computer-assisted translation (CAT) software to ensure words and phrases are always translated consistently within each document and from one project to the next. On a big project, we form a team of translators, proofreaders and specialist proofreaders in order to boost both the speed and quality of our service.
Our policy is to provide translation services at the lowest price in the industry. We handle a great deal of legal documents and have accumulated a vast database of past translations to work from which greatly increases our cost performance. We challenge the prices of any translation company claiming they can beat us on price and match us on quality and efficiency. <Price List>
We understand the need for confidentiality when it comes to legal documents. We work under the principle that the first draft of the translation and proofreading are conducted within the company by our own translation team who are under the obligation of confidentiality. Final confirmation of technical terms, etc. is conducted by a tight team of legal specialists who have signed confidentiality agreements with us to prevent any leaking of confidential information.

Our Legal and Judicial Translations

Corporate Law Bankruptcy Criminal Law Mergers and Acquisitions
Family Law Immigration Law Court Documents Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights
Arbitration Real Estate Law Tax Law Intellectual Property Law
Insurance Law Product Liability Labour and Employment Law Estate Planning: Wills, Trusts and Probate

Our translation expertise covers a wide range of documents including power of attorney contracts, promissory notes, insurance documents, tax forms and reports, various types of contracts and deeds, credit receipts as well as;

    • Legal business contracts and agreements such as service agreements, nondisclosure agreements, distributorship agreements license agreements, intellectual property license agreements, employment and termination agreements, guaranty of debt, hold harmless agreements, pledges, limited partnership agreements or contracts.
    • Business related documents such as articles of incorporation, company registers, certificates of compete historical records, certificates of all present matters, company and industrial manuals, brochures, bankruptcy forms
    • Legal documents pertaining to marriage and divorce such as mediation agreements, settlement documents, family registers, certificates of personal matters, certificates of legal capacity to contract marriage, certificates of marriage, spousal consent papers, applications for change of name
    • Court-related documents such as court judgments, judicial rulings, summary orders, verdicts
    • Real-estate and property-related documents such as deeds, grant deeds, lease agreements, mortgage contracts, applications for requisition, rental applications, office leasing, industrial leases, warranty deeds, bill of sale, trust deeds, loan application check lists
  • Wills, probate and inheritance-related documents such as estate plans, last will and testaments, living wills, division of inherited property agreements

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any translations relating to legal actions and lawsuits, contractual agreements, real estate appraisals, compliance, business compliance, non-disclosure agreements, employment working condition problems or complaints, internal control issues, license disputes, imitation or counterfeit goods, licensing, leasing, leasing contracts, divorce, manual translation, etc. You can trust in our professional and experienced translation team.

Certificate of Translation
As the majority of translations of official documents including legal documents are intended to be submitted to the Legal Affairs Bureaus and other government agencies or educational institutions and public organizations as evidence of the original document, Samurai Translators issues a standard “Certificate of Translation” or “Honyaku Shomeisho” in Japanese for its translated documents in the language required by the institution or organization to be submitted to. The fee for this certificate is included in our translation price.
Click here to see a sample of our Samurai Translators Certificate of Translation PDF Certificate of Translation

The real Certificate of Translation which is not shown in the sample, is printed on company letter-headed paper including the company name, registration number, address, TEL/FAX no. and URL, and all the necessary fields are filled in. The Certificate of Translation contains a declaration made by the concerned translator stating that s/he is qualified and proficient in the source and target languages and that his/her translation is true and faithful to the original and is signed and sealed by the translator. The company seal is also affixed on the certificate.

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