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Samurai Translators

Samurai Translators provides its clients with a cost-effective translation product of excellent quality.
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Our Philosophy

➢ To provide industry-leading quality
➢ To provide swift delivery
➢ To provide assured performance
➢ To provide translations faithful to the original format

Past Translations

Our clients include overseas companies and agencies as well as individual clients.
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Corporate Data

Company name: Samurai Translators K.K.
Myer Japan Corporation
Chief Executive Officer: Shunichi Nagae
Address: 4-8-30-4F Nishijin, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka, Japan (814-0002)
Contact number: Samurai Translators (Translation and Interpretation Division)
Myer English School (English School)
Samurai Translators Tokyo Office (Tokyo Liason Office)
Incorporated: 1999
Line of business: Translation and Interpretation English School University/High school Entrance Examination training courses