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You can pay us by bank transfer or credit card.
However, we ask that customers applying for our Notarization Service pay us by bank transfer.

For those organizations requesting standing orders, the standard closing date is the final day of the month and payment is expected to be made by the second week of the following. However, please contact us to negotiate terms.

Payment by Bank Transfer

To transfer your payment into our bank account, please use the following bank account details.
Please make payment as soon as the price for your translation has been confirmed and we will get straight onto your translation once we have received payment from you.

*Customers are responsible for the payment of any transfer fees required to transfer payment by bank transfer. We are sorry for any inconvenience.
*Customers are responsible for the payment of any transfer fees (including inward remittance fees and bank commission fees) required when remitting payment from overseas.

Bank MUFG Bank, Ltd.
Branch name / code Fukuoka Branch 652
Account type and number Ordinary Account 0187539
Beneficiary ホンヤクノサムライ(カ

Credit Card Payment

We accept payment by VISA and MASTERCARD.
When paying by credit card, you will need to enter your credit card number and other details on the secure payment screen. As soon as you contact us about making a credit card payment, we will provide you with a separate URL to access the payment screen.

* An online credit card surcharge of 300 yen will be charged on payments of under 8,800 yen and a surcharge of 5% will be charged on payments of 8,800 yen or more.

Payment with PayPal

If you reside overseas and it is difficult to make payment by bank transfer into a bank account in Japan, you can pay us using PayPal.
PayPal payments are subject to a surcharge.
Please contact us by email if you need to pay us with PayPal. We will send you the link to make your payment with PayPal by email.
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