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Samurai Translators (located in Fukuoka, Japan) handles all kinds of certificate translations including family registers (Koseki Tohon in Japanese), marriage certificates and birth certificates which we deliver together with a Certificate of Translation. We can ship your translation domestically, anywhere in Japan, as well as internationally with a tracking number. We can also have your translation notarized and certified at a notary public office, embassy or consular office. You can request for a quote for your translation with no hassle from your home computer or smartphone.

Certificate Translation

Japanese to English certified translationSince our inception 19 years ago, we have been translating documents and issuing our Certificates of Translation. Our translations attached with our certificate have been submitted to institutions all over the globe and our Certificates of Translation are widely accepted.

Translation Pricing

Japanese to English translation pricingOur translation prices are affordable and we don’t compromise on quality. We are committed to providing high-quality translations and this philosophy lies at the heart of our company. The translation prices shown are tax-exclusive and do not include consumption tax.

Shipping and Delivery

Japanese to English Translation deliveryWe ensure the swift delivery of our translated documents. If you place an order with standard delivery, we will have your translations delivered to you within 5-6 business days. We can have your translations delivered to you sooner if you need your translation urgently; just select our “Express Delivery” or “Super Express Delivery” service.

Translation Fields

Translation fieldsWe handle a diverse range of translation fields including certificates, contracts, agreements, financial statements, finance, legal and medical related documents of various types. Translations are undertaken by a translator who is familiar with the specific field of the document and the final translation is delivered to you after it has been proofread and undergone our quality control procedures.

We provide quick and accurate translation services

“Samurai Translators” follows the path of the translator. We started out specializing in translations between Japanese and English and handle translations of a variety of documents from and into both Japanese to English. We have 100% confidence in our ability to produce excellent translations in this language pair.
Our Translation Prices

25,000+ Satisfied Clients Worldwide
Same Day Service is available
Cost Effective Rates
Free Domestic Shipping
Expert Proofreaders
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What do we translate?

Samurai Translators K.K., incorporated under the laws of Japan, provides for a wide range of translation requirements including certificate translation, migration translation, financial translation, marketing translation, business and legal translation, technical translation, medical translation and academic translation.

Employment reference translation
Financial translation services
Marriage certificate translation
Medical report translations
Police report translation
Police clearance translation
Passport translation
Business documents translation
and legal documents translation
Brochures translation
Catalogs translation
Property or real estate information
Resume translation
Technical translation
Research material translation
Migration document translation
Website translation
Hand-written document translation
Educational or teaching material
Physician’s License translation
School Teacher’s License translation
Chef License translation
Our Translation Prices

Our Clients

Samurai Translators is a translation company providing individuals, companies and organisations with high quality translation services.

  • Visa applicants
  • Migration agents
  • Law firms
  • Large corporates
  • Teachers, Researchers
  • Universities
  • Travel agents
  • Employment agencies
  • Tourists and travelers
  • Real estate offices
  • Property developers
  • Construction companies
  • Design and digital agencies
  • Government offices
  • Embassies and High Commissions
  • Diplomats

5 reasons why clients choose Samurai Translators?

1. Translation with easy readability

We at Samurai Translators have a vast range of talents, and are specialized in each professional field. A translation project is assigned to a translator who knows what is talked about in the source document, so there will be no more “A lot of words but no substance” problem. We then have a proofreader native to the language in question who is not involved in the translation go over the documents to ensure the translation is true and understandable.

We produce a translated product based on the understanding of the subject, resulting in easy readability.There are some people that think that online automated translators will perfectly be able to translate their document into the desired language. This is far from true. Aside from poor computer based translations, there are also human based translated products out there that can be almost as bad.

2. Quick response

All of our translators at Samurai Translators are dedicated to their job. They spend as much time as required with the project assigned to Samurai Translators. Where necessary, we divide a project and assign two or more translators who share the work and common responsibility to finish the whole project within a given time frame. Working hours are extended and additional translators are brought into the project if required to complete the translation within a given amount of time. Big projects can be finished to meet a tight schedule.

3. Superior cost performance

Quality of translation largely depends on budget. At Samurai, we challenge this ideology. Samurai Translators will provide a quality translation product at a reasonable price. (> Our Translation Prices) We continue to strive for achieving the lowest possible price for the translation project without compromising quality. One benefit at Samurai is to share resources among present and past translation projects.

To achieve this, we have chosen to focus on Japanese to English translation (and vice versa), and Chinese to English translation. We have natives from both America and Japan working together to guarantee a true and accurate Japanese to English or English to Japanese translation, and we have Chinese partners who perform the Chinese to English translations and then go over the project with our native English editors to ensure an accurate translation. The key to being competitive is to concentrate your resources into as narrow a field as possible. That ensures us work efficiency and cost competitiveness.

4. Trustworthiness

Samurai Translators, led by a qualified translator, Mr. Shunichi Nagae, has been operating since 1999, accumulating a network of professional translators, happy and loyal customers, and most importantly trust. Samurai Translators employs natives from both Japan and America which further increases the trust that we will provide the client with an accurate translation. Expertly completed translations have kept our customers happy and have brought more customers to us knowing they won’t be disappointed with the work that we do for them.

5. Area of translation in which we have an expertise

Our main focal points at Samurai relate to corporate needs and private needs. Samurai’s translations for corporate needs specializes in contracts, brochures, homepages, correspondence, regulatory formats, manuals and financial statements. Recently, Samurai Translators has begun real estate appraisal translations, including property appraisal reports, uniform residential appraisal translations, commercial appraisal translations and simple report translations. Big business clients are very demanding, which is sharpening Samurai Translators’ skills.

Our other speciality with private needs primarily includes official translation of family register, Korean family register, tax withhoding slip (gensen choshu hyo) or other certificates. Samurai Translators also has increasingly more experience with narrative translation work including medical narrations. These works are narrated by a native of the language in question so as to ensure a proper and fluid narration.

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