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Resume or CV translation

A resume or CV is probably one of the most important documents you will need if you’re planning to relocate abroad for work or seeking work abroad. If you have a resume or CV in your own language you will need to translate this into the native language of your potential employers. Submitting a proper and professional looking resume or CV can mean the difference between finding work or remaining unemployed. Having your resume or CV professionally translated by a professional translation company is extremely beneficial as not only will it ensure that the content of your resume or CV is accurately translated but that all the experience and credentials most relevant to your desired position are expressed in sophisticated language and organized into the format appropriate to the job market so as to appeal to potential employers and enhance your employability.

Resume or CV writing is specific to each country and translating a client’s resume or CV from the source language to the target language does not entail simply creating a literal translation from one language to another. The translation needs to be ‘localized’ to reflect the cultural, national or stylistic differences of the target language or country. Localization of your resume or CV is imperative when presenting the content in another language. Resumes or CVs may be subject to specific requirements or ‘norms’ which a translator needs to bear in mind. Even the formats between countries according to purpose, culture, and location. US resumes are formatted differently to Japanese resumes and even within different English-speaking countries, UK CVs for example are formatted differently to US resumes and so forth. Headings and dates may be arranged differently, the required or recommended content may be different, and the content organized in a chronologically different order.

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Terminology such as job titles and industry specific terms also need to be localized. Countries may for example have completely different terms for the same corporate position or a corporate position in one language may encompass many potential positions in the source language. Japanese job titles are not equivalent to those in the United States. There are many dotted lines and gray areas of responsibility which the translator will have to try to figure out based on the job description. Small seemingly inconsequential differences in terminology such as that in the US it is more common to use the term attorney to refer to a lawyer while in the UK and Australia, solicitor or barrister are more commonly used also need to be borne in mind. These details can be the deciding factor of whether your resume or CV is a success and only professional translators with this kind of experience and knowledge can get you a proper, professional and correctly formatted resume or CV because they are aware of the generally accepted practices and terminology of the resume or CV writing in the target language.

Clients have been coming to us for professional resume or CV translations for years and our translators have provided hundreds of resume and CV translations from and into English and Japanese so if you need your resume or CV translated simply upload your document onto the Inquiry Form and we’ll get back to you with a quote right away.