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When applying for a visa to study abroad, work abroad, work at a hospital overseas or for any other reason, you may be required to submit medical related documents together with an English translation as part of your visa application or you may a require a Japanese translation of such document if applying to come into Japan. These may include a medical certificate, a doctor’s certificate, your mother and child handbook, urine test results, HIV test results, prescriptions, a summary of your hospital admission history, a referral letter (patient referral document) or other medical document. To ensure that the translation of these certificates is unbiased, some countries and institutions require translations to be carried out by a non-related third party or translation company and not by you yourself. For information on death certificates or postmortem certificates please visit our separate page. ⇒ Death Certificates

We not only receive requests for medical certificates or diagnoses related to physical conditions. A number of requests we receive for translations of medical certificates are related to depression and other psychological conditions.

If you need a translation of your medical certificate, doctor’s certificate, patient referral document, mother and child handbook or other medical related document, please take advantage of Samurai Translator’s translation services. Since our founding in 1999, we have handled countless certificate translations and have earned the trust of numerous agencies and organizations for our consistent quality. If you submit your translation with a Certificate of Translation from us, your documents are sure to be accepted.

Medical Certificates and Other Translations

We handle translations of medical certificates, doctor’s certificates, insurance cards and many other official documents.

Examples of our past translations include
Medical fee statements Medical bills/invoices
Syphilis test reports HIV test reports     Responses to inquiries into records of the insured
Health insurance certificates/cards Pregnancy certificates
Mother and child handbooks Child allowance certificates
Medical certificates for depression Uterine cancer test reports/PAP smear results
Birth certificates Prescriptions
Quarantine pamphlets Urine tests


Translation Fees

11,000 yen ~ (tax inclusive)

Certificate of Translation

  • Our medical certificate and document translations come with a Certificate of Translation attached with our company seal and the signature of the translator in charge of your translation.
  • Our Certificate of Translation Service is widely accepted. You can rest assured that translated documents submitted with your visa application will be accepted as authentic.


  • In some cases, you may need your translation to be notarized, so be sure to check the requirements of the institution you are submitting it to.
  • For more information on notarization, please visit our notarization page.