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Certificate Translation

It is standard for us to issue a “Certificate of Translation” with the translated version of marriage certificates and other official documents as it is more often the case that these documents together with the originals will be submitted to immigration offices, legal affairs bureaus and other governmental agencies or educational institutions or other highly public institutions.

The translation fees presented by our Company include the fees for the issue of the Certificate of Translation. If the Certificate of Translation is to accompany a Japanese to English translation to be submitted to the U.K., America, Canada or Australia or other country using English as its official language, an English version of the certificate will be issued and likewise, if it is to accompany an English to Japanese translation of a birth certificate, marriage certificate, certificate of no impediment or other document translated to Japanese to be submitted to government offices within Japan, etc., a Japanese version of the certificate will be issued.

*All prices are listed exclusive of applicable consumption taxes

Japanese to English (Documents issued in Japan)

Documents issued in Japan Japanese to English
Family Register Type A From 5,000 JPY
Family Register Type B From 6,000 JPY
Bankbook * First 1-2 page/s
(Account No., Name etc.)
4,000 JPY
* Transaction page/s
(Date and Amount of transactions)
3,000 JPY each
Certificate of Acceptance of Notification of Marriage 5,000 JPY
Certificate on Registered Matters (Certificate of Marriage) 10,000 JPY
Certificate of Acceptance of Notification of Birth 5,000 JPY
Certificate on Registered Matters (Certificate of Birth) 10,000 JPY
Certificate of Acceptance of Notification of Divorce 5,000 JPY
Certificate on Registered Matters (Certificate of Death) 10,000 JPY
Death Certificate or Postmortem Certificate 6,000 JPY
Residence Certificate 1 page 7,000 JPY
2 pages 10,000 JPY
3 pages or more > Please contact us
Certificate of Employment 5,000 JPY
Graduation Certificate 6,000 JPY
Transcript From 9,000 JPY
Tax Payment Certificate From 6,000 JPY
Withholding Tax Slip for Salary Earner 6,000 JPY
Tax Return 10,000 JPY (1 page)
Certificate of Municipal and Prefectural Taxes From 6,000 JPY
Degree Certificate 6,000 JPY
Physician’s License 6,000 JPY
School Teacher License From 8,000 JPY
Chef License 5,000 JPY
Driver’s License 4,000 JPY / front page only (6,000 JPY / both sides)
Certificate on Registered Matters (Certificate of Alien Registration) 1 page 7,000 JPY
2 pages 10,000 JPY
Water-sewage Bill From 6,000 JPY to 8,000 JPY
Company Register
*Additional charges will apply in the case of certificates which include sections for share options, bonds with pre-emptive rights, convertible bonds, zero-coupon bonds and other lengthy provisions and will be calculated based on the rate per character or word. Send us a copy of your certificate for an accurate quote.
From 10,000 JPY
Articles of incorporation
*Please contact us for the translation prices of English and Japanese translations of company Articles of Association or Incorporation
up to 29 Articles / 30,000 JPY
30 to 34 Articles / 35,000 JPY
35 to 39 Articles / 40,000 JPY
40 Articles or more / 45,000 JPY or more
Real Estate Translation Please contact us

English to Japanese (Documents issued outside of Japan)

Documents issued outside of Japan English to Japanese
Birth Certificate From 8,000 JPY
Marriage Certificate From 8,000 JPY
Divorce Certificate From 8,000 JPY
Death Certificate From 8,000 JPY
Transcript From 10,000 JPY
Certificate of Graduation From 6,000 JPY
[If duplicate copies of the same information are required] It is possible to obtain duplicate copies of the translation for 2,000 yen each (excluding tax) if ordered at the time of the original order. However, in the case of Company Registers and Articles of Incorporation, the price is 5,000 yen per copy (excluding tax). Duplicate copies ordered at separate times are 3,000 yen each (excluding tax).


We at Samurai Translators focus on English to Japanese (or vice versa) translation because it is in this field that we excel.
Samurai translators is committed to providing the best translation product at the best price for our clients. We do not operate solely based on price, but on the best optimum balance between price and quality. We offer translation services for a variety of subjects ranging anywhere from business contracts to medical certificates to family and private correspondence. Samurai Translators has been in operation since 1999. During this time we have been able to hone our skills and improve our adaptability to handle various projects. Below is a portion of the types of translations we at Samurai Translators are capable of handling. Try our service and you will see only the most outstanding performance and results. Please note that if your translation need is not found in the list below that we will try our best to accommodate you and your document(s). You will be surprised by our flexibility to be able to adapt to new challenges and at the significant results they yield.

Subject English to Japanese
(per English word)
Japanese to English
(per Japanese Moji)
Business contract From 25 JPY From 18 JPY
General business document From 20 JPY From 16 JPY
PR literature From 25 JPY From 20 JPY
Products manuals From 20 JPY From 16 JPY
Medical From 30 JPY From 25 JPY
General manufacturing document From 20 JPY From 16 JPY
Private correspondence From 10 JPY From 10 JPY

Note: Whole sale prices to translation companies worldwide are available upon request.